Carpet Dyeing

Bleach Spot Repair

Before we discuss all the wacky DIY hacks you’ve seen on YouTube about repairing bleach spots on your carpet, please allow me to educate you a bit on the chemistry of bleach.

When bleach is spilled on carpet, it is active. Meaning, the chemicals are still working, and the carpet is getting lighter and lighter every minute of every hour. Instinctively, most people will grab a towel, dish soap, vinegar, oxi clean, resolve, windex, or anything else they have under the kitchen sink. The fact is, these products will do absolutely nothing to help the carpet’s color loss caused by the bleach. The bleach in the carpet must first be neutralized. It doesn’t matter if the bleach spot is 20 years old, it is still active until it is neutralized. I highly recommend you seek out a highly-trained professional that has done thousands of these color loss carpet repairs, instead of making the issue worse. OK back to the neutralizing. Fresh bleach is extremely difficult to neutralize. The bleach in the carpet is at its most potent state in the first 2 weeks. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it just means that only someone that does this sort of carpet repair work every single day will understand how to properly neutralize fresh bleach.

After the bleach is 100% neutralized, the fun begins! This is where our thousands of hours of education and expertise come in to play. Bleach spills on carpet can appear many different colors due to the color of the carpet, the kind of carpet, the strength of the bleach, and the amount of bleach absorbed by the carpet fibers. You may see a pink spot, orange, yellow, or white. This is where every single DIY hack on YouTube really gets funny. I’ve seen people suggesting using crayons, markers, and even paint to restore the color to the carpet! Only a true professional carpet repairman will understand color theory and color loss, and how to add the missing colors back to the carpet fibers to get an exact color match, making for a perfect color repair. So, what do you think happens when these people that use crayons, markers, and paint have their carpet cleaned, or walk on it with white socks? You’ve got it…. the colors bleed all over the carpet, causing another set of issues. Oh, and the bleach spot is exposed once again. So, what makes us so special? How are we different? I thought you’d never ask. Keep reading…

About Our Dyes

“What is Carpet Dyeing?  I didn’t even know you could dye carpet!” We hear this every single day, so don’t worry, you’re not out of the loop. It’s just a relatively new service, and we are the only company in Kentucky that specializes in carpet dyeing. Carpet Dyeing is simply restoring the missing colors from a bleach spot or from other harsh cleaning chemicals, into your carpet. We use a proprietary technology called the Color Cue, which is an app that allows us to snap a picture of the color loss in the carpet, then take another picture of the desired color from the same carpet in a different location, and the algorithm tells us exactly how much of which colors to use to create your perfect color match. Our process is used in The White House, The National Institute of Peace in Washington D.C., and the Royal Palace in Dubai. Our dyes are completely permanent and colorfast, and guaranteed never to bleed or fade. They are also ecofriendly and odorless, and leave no residues behind. You can walk on the carpet with white socks immediately after we are done.

This service is highly sought after by luxury hotels, high end condominiums, any business that uses a janitorial service where harsh chemicals are used on or near the carpet, and maid services that use bleach or harsh chemicals and set the rags down onto the carpet. If you have any questions about this unique service, we’d love to chat with you. Please use our easy to use contact form, or simply give us a call. We’re Dyeing to serve you!